Predator 2

In 1990 we saw the release of Predator 2, it was a good for years until they release the sequel to the first film which is a good turnaround time because it shows that they were not desperately trying to cash in and gave the sequel some thoughts before they continued with the follow-up. Originally, they wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger to return, and thus, there were plenty of discussions with him, but Arnold decided to work on Terminator 2. The idea of having a Predator in the city was always the main focus of the story and after a short, while the role of Director was given to know other than Stephen Hopkins, which brought unique visual footage, and also, great camera angles that cannot be denied when you see the movie.

The plot of the film takes place in 1997, where the audience finds Los Angeles to be struggling from a turf war that takes place between the Jamaican drug cartels and the armed Columbian, and also, from a heat wave that threatens everyone in the city.

The movie starts off with the Predator that assaults the Colombians, which naturally, it causes a great disturbance that makes Leona Cantrell and Danny Slaughtered, which are Harrigan’s police detectives, to defy any orders and go into the hideout. There, they find the Colombians to have been butchered, and Harrigan goes onto the roof after the gang leader, where he shoots him in self-defense, since he thought that he was being attacked by him. Instead, the fire that was initiated by the leader, was directed towards the Predator, which Harrigan got to see, for a few seconds.

When eventually, the evening comes, a few Jamaican cartel members storm the lord’s drug penthouse, and after they ritualistically murder him, they are as we all know, slaughtered in an iconic way by the Predator. The Jamaicans are found to be skinned and suspended from the rafters, by Harrigan’s team, which is a very different scenario than what the Columbian massacre revealed.

Continuing the investigation, we find Archuleta which finds in an air conditioning vent, a speartip weapon that belongs to the Predator, and Harrigan believing that he and his team are dealing with a major-scale assassin. Later on, the investigation team finds out that the speartip does not contain any known elements from the periodic table, thus, they now know that they are dealing with something which is greater than them and their understanding.

Wanting an answer as soon as possible, Harrigan meets in an alley with the voodoo practitioner, King Willie, the Jamaican drug lord, which informs Harrigan that he would be wised to prepare for a supernatural battle, since the killer is out of this world.

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At this moment, an iconic scene in the movie is the moment when the Predator takes Willie’s head as a trophy, after Harrigan left, being more puzzled and having more answers than questions.

Wanting to investigate Danny’s killer,, Harrigan makes arrangements to meet with his team at a warehouse district, to conduct further plans regarding the issue at hand. At this point, the Predator hunts Harrigan’s team and attacks during a standoff between a group of vigilantes and a gang, while Lambert and Cantrell take the subway to the rendezvous. Without any chance to escape, Lambert is killed by the PRedator, while Cantrell is spared, due to the Predator’s scan which reveals her to be pregnant.

When Harrigan finds multiple victims besides Lambert, he decides to chase the Predator, but he is interrupted by Keye’s men who revel to him that the killer is an extraterrestrial killer that has infrared vision which he used for sport to hunt human beings throughout different armed conflicts, most recent being the slaughter from Central America.

Using multiple cryogenic weapons and thermally insulated suits, Keyes and his team set up a well-thought trap to catch the Predator for further studies. Sadly, the Predator uses its mask to scan through the different electromagnetic wavelengths so that he can see the torches lights.

The Predator strikes, and he leaves marks! Slaughtered men are to be seen everywhere! Due to the unforeseen appearance of Keyes who desperately tried to incapacitate the Predator. However, he is being slaughtered by the Predator’s iconic throwing disk. Chased by the alien, Harrigan goes to a roof where he finds himself and the Predator hanging from a ledge, right after the two of them foes clashed.

Having no other option, the Predator activates his self-destruct device which was placed on his forearm, and Harrigan served it back by using the well known throwing disk, which made the Predator fall through an apartment window that allowed him to treat the wounds from which he was suffering.

At this point in the film, while he followed the dreadful Predator, Harrigan finds a spacecraft that is stationary in an underground chamber, where he faces the Predator head-on in a final and epic duel where Harrigan kills the beast using its throwing disk!

After the death of the Predator, Harrigan is being presented with an antique flintlock pistol, which is being given to him by the other Predators that came to collect their dead leader!

In the end, Harrigan manages to escape with a ship, and he finds himself at the surface where he finds the remaining members of Keye’s team.

Without any shadow of a doubt, Predator 2 is a fantastic movie that can be seen and enjoyed by the generation of all ages! Thus, it’s fair to say that in today’s world we still have amazing movies that were made years ago, and that is in many ways, better than what we see in our time! Predator 2, is a masterpiece that should and must be seen by everyone!

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