Best 5 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies of All Time

Very much associated to the ‘Oscar award’, the blue-eyed actor and producer Leonardo DiCaprio has been rightly famed for his bloody masterpieces and cosmic flair of acting. Watching encloses an entirely different zeal for the audience when it’s an endeavour of a top rated artist. So here we are, with the America’s bosting actor, producer and an environmental campaigner – Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

  • Inception (2010)

Any person who has watched this movie pretty much knows the reason for being on the top of the list. Not only is this the sole movie of Leonardo that secured 8.8 IMDB rating but also the only movie across the globe. Directed by Christopher Nolan, Inception is based on “lucid dreaming”, casting DiCaprio as a professional thief, who reached the zenith of wealth by manoeuvring and executing his plans through his dreams.

  • The Departed (2006)

Directed by Martin Scorsese, this movie is a remake of Internal Affair, a 2002 Hong Kong movie. Finding the origins in the American crime drama genre, this movie portrays a burning rivalry between an FBI undercover agent (Leonardo DiCaprio) and two sloppy burglars, with both of them fighting to reach out to each other’s identity. As a major mention, the movie bagged 4 Oscars apart from other commercial awards and was rated as 8.5 by IMDB.

  • Django unchained (2012)

Fabrication of Quentin Tarantino, was entitled as the top movie in the year 2012. Recounting the penuries and intricacies of a Django, a slave, this movie is centralised on the audacious come back of Django to rescue his wife from the life of enthrallment in the claws of a posh plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio). The movie has so far been bestowed with numerous accolades like Best Actor Award, Academy Awards, BAFTAs, Golden Globes, etc. The IMDB rated this ‘spaghetti western’ movie 8.4. Tarantino, through this movie, babbled out the America’s horrendous past, which unfortunately did not receive much heed of the people.

  • Catch me if you can (2002)

The movie casts DiCaprio as a slick con who shrouds as lawyer, doctor, and a pilot, and forges millions of moolah before he turns 21. Despite chasing him for 25 years, the FBI agents could not grab him to the nick, due to lack of evidence against him. The movie was given 8.1 rating by IMDB and was the manoeuvre of Steven Spielberg. Something that adds up to this stellar masterpiece of Spielberg is that this movie is based on some true events that happened pretty long time back. The movie is much more breath-taking than the readers can possibly grasp from the reviews.

  • Blood diamond (2006)

Rated 8.0 by the IMDB, this movie is the direction of Edward Zwick. DiCaprio stole the spot light in the movie despite the fact that as akin to his other movies, he played the role a miner who has been abducted and made to work in a diamond mine and stashes it. Sometime later, the insurgents and other Government officials come to of the diamond discovery and the movie goes on to reflect on their chase to possess the priceless unearthing.

Unequivocally, the movie has been the diamond of its time and has been nominated for 8 Oscar Awards. Additionally, the movie won many other awards as well.

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Predator 2 – An Honest Review of a Cinematic Masterpiece!

Predator 2

In 1990 we saw the release of Predator 2, it was a good for years until they release the sequel to the first film which is a good turnaround time because it shows that they were not desperately trying to cash in and gave the sequel some thoughts before they continued with the follow-up. Originally, they wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger to return, and thus, there were plenty of discussions with him, but Arnold decided to work on Terminator 2. The idea of having a Predator in the city was always the main focus of the story and after a short, while the role of Director was given to know other than Stephen Hopkins, which brought unique visual footage, and also, great camera angles that cannot be denied when you see the movie.

The plot of the film takes place in 1997, where the audience finds Los Angeles to be struggling from a turf war that takes place between the Jamaican drug cartels and the armed Columbian, and also, from a heat wave that threatens everyone in the city.

The movie starts off with the Predator that assaults the Colombians, which naturally, it causes a great disturbance that makes Leona Cantrell and Danny Slaughtered, which are Harrigan’s police detectives, to defy any orders and go into the hideout. There, they find the Colombians to have been butchered, and Harrigan goes onto the roof after the gang leader, where he shoots him in self-defense, since he thought that he was being attacked by him. Instead, the fire that was initiated by the leader, was directed towards the Predator, which Harrigan got to see, for a few seconds.

When eventually, the evening comes, a few Jamaican cartel members storm the lord’s drug penthouse, and after they ritualistically murder him, they are as we all know, slaughtered in an iconic way by the Predator. The Jamaicans are found to be skinned and suspended from the rafters, by Harrigan’s team, which is a very different scenario than what the Columbian massacre revealed.

Continuing the investigation, we find Archuleta which finds in an air conditioning vent, a speartip weapon that belongs to the Predator, and Harrigan believing that he and his team are dealing with a major-scale assassin. Later on, the investigation team finds out that the speartip does not contain any known elements from the periodic table, thus, they now know that they are dealing with something which is greater than them and their understanding.

Wanting an answer as soon as possible, Harrigan meets in an alley with the voodoo practitioner, King Willie, the Jamaican drug lord, which informs Harrigan that he would be wised to prepare for a supernatural battle, since the killer is out of this world.

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At this moment, an iconic scene in the movie is the moment when the Predator takes Willie’s head as a trophy, after Harrigan left, being more puzzled and having more answers than questions.

Wanting to investigate Danny’s killer,, Harrigan makes arrangements to meet with his team at a warehouse district, to conduct further plans regarding the issue at hand. At this point, the Predator hunts Harrigan’s team and attacks during a standoff between a group of vigilantes and a gang, while Lambert and Cantrell take the subway to the rendezvous. Without any chance to escape, Lambert is killed by the PRedator, while Cantrell is spared, due to the Predator’s scan which reveals her to be pregnant.

When Harrigan finds multiple victims besides Lambert, he decides to chase the Predator, but he is interrupted by Keye’s men who revel to him that the killer is an extraterrestrial killer that has infrared vision which he used for sport to hunt human beings throughout different armed conflicts, most recent being the slaughter from Central America.

Using multiple cryogenic weapons and thermally insulated suits, Keyes and his team set up a well-thought trap to catch the Predator for further studies. Sadly, the Predator uses its mask to scan through the different electromagnetic wavelengths so that he can see the torches lights.

The Predator strikes, and he leaves marks! Slaughtered men are to be seen everywhere! Due to the unforeseen appearance of Keyes who desperately tried to incapacitate the Predator. However, he is being slaughtered by the Predator’s iconic throwing disk. Chased by the alien, Harrigan goes to a roof where he finds himself and the Predator hanging from a ledge, right after the two of them foes clashed.

Having no other option, the Predator activates his self-destruct device which was placed on his forearm, and Harrigan served it back by using the well known throwing disk, which made the Predator fall through an apartment window that allowed him to treat the wounds from which he was suffering.

At this point in the film, while he followed the dreadful Predator, Harrigan finds a spacecraft that is stationary in an underground chamber, where he faces the Predator head-on in a final and epic duel where Harrigan kills the beast using its throwing disk!

After the death of the Predator, Harrigan is being presented with an antique flintlock pistol, which is being given to him by the other Predators that came to collect their dead leader!

In the end, Harrigan manages to escape with a ship, and he finds himself at the surface where he finds the remaining members of Keye’s team.

Without any shadow of a doubt, Predator 2 is a fantastic movie that can be seen and enjoyed by the generation of all ages! Thus, it’s fair to say that in today’s world we still have amazing movies that were made years ago, and that is in many ways, better than what we see in our time! Predator 2, is a masterpiece that should and must be seen by everyone!

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator 1997: Movie Review

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator

“If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

A dense jungle, U.S troops, armed to the teeth and a creature from outer space. Does it sound familiar? This is the backdrop of the 1987 John McTiernan classic Predator. The movie practically has ‘Badass’ written all over it, and it delivers intensity till the last minute. The movie stars everyone’s favorite Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger as Major Alan Schaefer a.k.a Dutch as it pits him against an unknown foe in the middle of the South American jungle. Who wins? Keep reading to find out.

The plot begins with Schwarzenegger leading a team of U.S Elite commandos in the South American jungle of doom to carry out a rescue mission. The CIA tasks Schwarzenegger’s team to locate and retrieve an official who has been captured by insurgents and held as a hostage. Needless to say, Dutch is ready, biting a cigar between his teeth, leading his team into the Mexican flora. During the operation, the team comes across a downed chopper and three corpses hanging upside down from the trees, skinned and drained. This discovery leads to a confrontation between the team, and it is established that the mission was a setup to collect intelligence from the operatives that were held and was setup after the previous rescue team had failed and gone missing. The team moves forward with the operation, oblivious to the pair of glowing eyes that lurk in the shadows, watching their every move. The team is ambushed by the creature. He picks them off one by one, making trophies for himself with their spines. During a firefight, Mac, one of the team members manages to injure the creature, who spills fluorescent green blood. They manage to capture a guerrilla named Anna, who is spared by the creature in another ambush. This leads to Dutch deducing that the creature does not harm unarmed people because it is ‘no challenge’ for him. Anna tells them the information she has on the creature that the locals call, ‘The demon who makes trophies of men’. Understanding the patterns of the ‘Predator’ Dutch uses Anna as bait to lead away from the creature while he sets traps for it in the Jungle. He manages to disable the creatures cloaking device and is finally confronted with him. They engage in hand to hand combat and Dutch manages to bet the alien before it self-destructs.

The plot of a movie sure does sound like a ten-year old’s imagination, but it doesn’t look so. John McTiernan’s genius and superior directing skills make this movie a heart-throbbing sensation. Every scene in the movie looks seamless and is filled with action. McTiernan has captured the essence of the backdrop of the film and has used the jungle to his advantage in every frame. Arnold Schwarzenegger has given one of his most memorable performances in the movie. He has portrayed the best soldier in the world, and he looks the part. You will see him as the fearless leader rather than an actor, displaying a style that is unmatched. His dialogue delivery and on-screen presence are enough to get your heart craving for adrenaline, which is fulfilled by the action sequences. Arnold has not been alone in this battle for dominance. The supporting cast has done a brilliant job in keeping up with the intensity of the movie, and that is what keeps the movie alive. Stan Winston, the genius behind designing the predator, has brought the most bizarre figment of his imagination to life. An alien from outer space, that wears a space suit to hide one of the most hideous faces you will ever see is truly a work of a master craftsman. The intensity of the movie is such that it engrosses you within its world and forces you to ignore the most basic logic that this movie defies, but somehow it doesn’t look out of place. This movie is the perfect cross between a classic action movie and a sci-fi feature, with equal parts of both making a concoction worth remembering.

This classic feature film has given us the iconic dialogue “GET TO THE CHOPPER!” that is unforgettable even to this day. Predator appears to be a shot in the dark which has landed on the bullseye, thanks to the genius of the director and the dedication of the cast, which is evident on- screen. This movie is a must on any movie fanatic’s shelf, and with its superb screenplay and special effects proves itself to be a complete package to keep you entertained for years to come.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: Movie Review

 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is basically a comic drama film written, produced and directed by the Academy Award winner Martin McDonagh. It was released in early December of 2017 under Fox Searchlight Pictures, and as of today, it has grossed almost $57 million on a global level. It stars Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell and Caleb Landry Jones among others.

Leaving aside the technical aspects of the movie, there is one thing that is worth mentioning, that will pretty much sum up the overall fairing of the film among the masses. As of this month, the film has won four Golden Globes and eight Bafta nominations and is well on its way to the front line of the Oscars as well.

From an ordinary viewer’s perspective, the movie stars more than one emotion during the course of its unfolding. It is pretty high-intensity in comic aspects as well, but your reactions keep changing continuously. You will be surprised at your responses to the scenes, and it will also make you question your reactions.

You would think that you know where the movie is headed at one point but then, as I said, you’d be surprised. Emotions run high in the scenes where Mildred Hayes, played by Frances McDormand of course, lashes out in the war at the local police when the investigation into her daughter’s rape and murder case is stopped.

The plot

As mentioned earlier, Mildred Hayes is very upset over the progress of the rape and murder case of her teenage daughter. In protest she rents three billboards which when read in sequence read “Raped While Dying” “And Still No Arrests?” and “How Come Chief Willoughby?”.

These billboards create frustration and stir a range of emotions across the town, including the police officers. While the Sheriff is sympathetic of Mildred Hayes, he finds the billboards a little too unfair as well.

Then the movie progresses through some heart twitching cases and accusations against many people involved in the case in one way or another, some of the being cleverly thought-out plans.

There are also times when the Sheriff Willoughby coughs up blood during his interview with Hayes and then ultimately suicides. He also leaves suicide notes for a lot of people including Hayes, although on his note to Hayes he explains that she was not one of the contributors to his suicide. He also confesses that he even secretly paid to keep the billboards up for more time. In the same way, he leaves notes of advice and other things he had to say.

Later in the movie, the billboards are destroyed by Arson. Then in the course, some sample DNAs are found about the case.

Finally, does the case get solved? Is the guilty arrested? Well, that’s something that you need to watch intently to find out.

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It is a pretty twisted plot, and you need all ears and eyes to follow the story and understand the scenes. Of course, the direction is on the point which eases us through the twisted plot. It is not a coffee time movie that you can have on in the background while you sip away. It doesn’t give you that mood, nor does it fit that scene as it creates a serious vibe.

Emotional takeaways

As is evident from the many surprising twists and turns in the plot, each evoking a churn within your already anxious mind, the movie is a whole package for people who are looking for a deep and emotionally charged entertainment. The pain, the remorse, and the grief experienced and expressed by the very talented actress and Academy Award winner McDormand, is beyond perfection. It feels very real and evokes a certain sympathy and empathy in us that we never thought we had. For the same reason, the movie connects deeply with mothers going through the same or similar kind of grief in their lives. Not just mothers for that matter, but anyone who lost their loved one to the kind of injustice portrayed in the movie.

In that sense, it also delves deep into one of the most pressing issues haunting a lot of developed and developing countries across the world. That way it also becomes a very socially relevant movie and carries a strong message with it, which explains its multiple award nominations.

In all, I would rate the movie a good 4.5 out of 5, with just a few points lost for slow-moving sequences. It is a must watch for every mother and daughter for sure.

Best Documentaries Available On Netflix Right Now


Documentaries are an essential part of the art and film industry. The authentic feel from the sources used in these stories such as historical footage, expert opinions and witness accounts make them an all-time favorite. Apart from accurately documenting past historical events, documentary films also educate people on the different cultures and systems in the world. These films can be used to expose dark truths, challenge the status quo in social structures and inspire people through the highlighting of extraordinary acts carried out by ordinary people in challenging circumstances. An enormous deal amount of work, research and resources goes into the production of quality documentary films.

Documentary films vary in topics, ranging from political stories, crime life stories to food production and climate change. The following are some of the best documentaries on Netflix right now.


Ava Duvernay’s documentary, 13th, explores the issues of race and justice in the United States’ criminal justice system. The film is both awakening and provocative, diving straight into the statistics and facts of racialized incarceration in the United States. This movie is also available on the official website of ShowBox New Version, Ava purports that confinement is a form of modern slavery, a system deeply rooted in racial bias. The film was released at a time when racism, especially in the prison system, had become a controversial debate. Based on the 13th amendment of the constitution, the film uses several sources as evidence that racism was not abolished, it simply evolved into the structure of mass incarceration.


After the deadliest shooting of schoolchildren in the history of the United States, a resilient community comes together to mourn and try to heal. Newtown is a documentary film that documents the events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School, leading to the brutal massacre of 20 children and 6 staff members on that fateful day. The film covers the heavy and controversial matter of gun violence, delving into the trauma and horror that shook the entire Newtown Community after that.

What happened, Miss Simone?

Miss Nina Simone’s exquisite talent and activism are explored in this film that begins in the year 1976. Miss Simone’s colorful and turbulent life is brought alive using archive footage and past live performances, right from her days as a child practicing piano to her successful live performances, her troubled adulthood to her exile to West Africa and later on, her glorious resurgence. The film offers illuminating insights into the talent powerhouse that was Nina Simone, her activist role in the 1960s civil rights movement and her battle with depression and bipolar disorder.

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The Ivory game

Ivory trade is one of the oldest illegal cross-border trades in the world. This documentary exposes the illicit trade which is almost wiping out the elephant species. With China as the main market for the ivory, poacher gangs have devised ways of killing the elephants and getting their precious merchandise to be shipped to the Asian Market through the Vietnamese route. The film goes ahead to show how the high demand for luxury goods in China has driven up the price of ivories, increasing the rate at which elephants are being killed, and how different agencies are working overtime to try and curb this vice.

Making a murderer

A 10-part documentary series filmed and produced over a 10-year period, Making a murderer looks into the story of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man who spent 18 years in prison due to a wrongful conviction of sexual assault and later convicted again for a murder charge. After his release, Steven is set on seeking justice by suing for wrongful imprisonment, only to be re-arrested and imprisoned. His nephew, Brendan Danessy, is also found guilty of the same charges, raping and murdering Teresa Halbach, a photographer. The film brings to light issues such as police corruption, intimidation, and coercion, as well as the miscarriages that take place in the justice system.

Chris Hemsworth in War Based Movie ’12 Strong’: Review

The movie ’12 Strong’ features some prominent actors like Chris Hemsworth, Jack Kesy, Michael Pena, Thad Luckinbill and Michael Shannon. ’12 Strong’ is a war drama capturing the experience of soldiers in Afghanistan after the 9/11 terror attack. With an average 4 star rating, the film tells the story of the Special Forces unit with clarity and raw emotion. ’12 Strong’ creates an image of American soldiers as invincible but fails to capture the authenticity of the war on terror that ensued after the 9/11 terror attack.

Movie Summary

12 Strong Team

The movies begin with Chris Hemsworth starring as Mitch Nelson having breakfast with his daughter and wife while watching the ‘Today’ show on Television. The show is airing the attack on the Twin Towers and Nelson, retired from active duty goes back to his Commander, Col. Max Bowers (Rob Riggle) insisting on getting his job back. The Colonel at first refuses, but intense Warrant Officer Hal Spenser (Michael Shannon) convinces him otherwise.

Nelson leads his Special Forces Unit into Afghanistan, one month after the 9/11 attack their mission being to assist Uzbek warlord to defeat the Taliban and prevent another terror attack. They were airlifted to Afghanistan in a Chinook helicopter and the ‘real’ work beings after landing.

Nelson and his unit have to make uneasy alliances with the Afghan warlords like General Dostrum (Navid Negahban), a relationship bound by a fragile thread of trust. The alliance with the leader of the Northern Alliance leads to some victories for Nelson and his team, and they recapture a village and breach Tiangi Gap, which serves as a route for Mazar-i-Sharif. Dostrum does a good job portraying a man living a life riddled with conflict.The Special Forces Unit takes down the villain, Said Taghmaoui, whose cruelty is captured when he executes a woman in front of her two weeping daughters. The Unit succeeds in bringing down Said and toppling Afghanistan’s ability to serve as an AL Qaeda training ground for its troops.

Movie Aspects

The writers of the film, Ted Tally and Peter Craig do a good job with the dialogue, but the film has some restraint especially considering how much more could have possible to capture the vengeance of the American military so soon after an attack. Nicolai Fuglsig, the movie director, covered the Kosovo War as a photojournalist which may explain the restraint in the film. He,
however, does a decent job with the action scenes of executed air strikes, flipping trucks and tossed rubble.

When it comes to acting, Milo, Diller, and Spenser do an exemplary job. Milo (Trevante Rhodes), the boy who sucks lollipop in the film and ends up as the bothersome local kid gives his role and the film life while making the film more ‘real.’ Spenser showcases the ideal character of the military in his relentless loyalty to his captain. His intensity gives the audience some emotions to connect and resonate with and that reflect their ‘imagined’ emotional state after the attack. Diller (Michael Pena) plays the fidgety yet selfless role with such finesse and gives the movie a somewhat humorous aspect.

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The movie does have a sense of finality but could have been far much better. In terms of the representation of the fight against terrorism, the film seems to suggest that eliminating Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan brings an end to the issue of terrorism but this is not the case. It does a bland job of highlighting American heroism mostly because war is never a black and white issue. The casualties of war include more than the dead and despite heroism, the story never really ends like it does in the movies. The film summarizes the story of American Soldiers working with ‘good’ Afghan people to rid the country of Talibans and shows them accomplish this but the reality is far from this. On the positive side, the movie shows the effects of war wounds on mental health which is a real concern for military personnel.

My recommendation to potential viewers would be to lower their expectations and enjoy the simplicity of this film. It does capture American heroism well but fails to give due credit to the real struggles of the context and time it was meant to capture. Potential viewers should watch this movie for the simpler version of events after 9/11 but anyone looking for real, deep, philosophical connections to the real context should steer clear.