Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator

“If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

A dense jungle, U.S troops, armed to the teeth and a creature from outer space. Does it sound familiar? This is the backdrop of the 1987 John McTiernan classic Predator. The movie practically has ‘Badass’ written all over it, and it delivers intensity till the last minute. The movie stars everyone’s favorite Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger as Major Alan Schaefer a.k.a Dutch as it pits him against an unknown foe in the middle of the South American jungle. Who wins? Keep reading to find out.

The plot begins with Schwarzenegger leading a team of U.S Elite commandos in the South American jungle of doom to carry out a rescue mission. The CIA tasks Schwarzenegger’s team to locate and retrieve an official who has been captured by insurgents and held as a hostage. Needless to say, Dutch is ready, biting a cigar between his teeth, leading his team into the Mexican flora. During the operation, the team comes across a downed chopper and three corpses hanging upside down from the trees, skinned and drained. This discovery leads to a confrontation between the team, and it is established that the mission was a setup to collect intelligence from the operatives that were held and was setup after the previous rescue team had failed and gone missing. The team moves forward with the operation, oblivious to the pair of glowing eyes that lurk in the shadows, watching their every move. The team is ambushed by the creature. He picks them off one by one, making trophies for himself with their spines. During a firefight, Mac, one of the team members manages to injure the creature, who spills fluorescent green blood. They manage to capture a guerrilla named Anna, who is spared by the creature in another ambush. This leads to Dutch deducing that the creature does not harm unarmed people because it is ‘no challenge’ for him. Anna tells them the information she has on the creature that the locals call, ‘The demon who makes trophies of men’. Understanding the patterns of the ‘Predator’ Dutch uses Anna as bait to lead away from the creature while he sets traps for it in the Jungle. He manages to disable the creatures cloaking device and is finally confronted with him. They engage in hand to hand combat and Dutch manages to bet the alien before it self-destructs.

The plot of a movie sure does sound like a ten-year old’s imagination, but it doesn’t look so. John McTiernan’s genius and superior directing skills make this movie a heart-throbbing sensation. Every scene in the movie looks seamless and is filled with action. McTiernan has captured the essence of the backdrop of the film and has used the jungle to his advantage in every frame. Arnold Schwarzenegger has given one of his most memorable performances in the movie. He has portrayed the best soldier in the world, and he looks the part. You will see him as the fearless leader rather than an actor, displaying a style that is unmatched. His dialogue delivery and on-screen presence are enough to get your heart craving for adrenaline, which is fulfilled by the action sequences. Arnold has not been alone in this battle for dominance. The supporting cast has done a brilliant job in keeping up with the intensity of the movie, and that is what keeps the movie alive. Stan Winston, the genius behind designing the predator, has brought the most bizarre figment of his imagination to life. An alien from outer space, that wears a space suit to hide one of the most hideous faces you will ever see is truly a work of a master craftsman. The intensity of the movie is such that it engrosses you within its world and forces you to ignore the most basic logic that this movie defies, but somehow it doesn’t look out of place. This movie is the perfect cross between a classic action movie and a sci-fi feature, with equal parts of both making a concoction worth remembering.

This classic feature film has given us the iconic dialogue “GET TO THE CHOPPER!” that is unforgettable even to this day. Predator appears to be a shot in the dark which has landed on the bullseye, thanks to the genius of the director and the dedication of the cast, which is evident on- screen. This movie is a must on any movie fanatic’s shelf, and with its superb screenplay and special effects proves itself to be a complete package to keep you entertained for years to come.

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